Tudo sobre container house plans

Interestingly the architects made use of the original container doors to create a balcony on the side of the house.

A part of the reason why there is so much lighting within the home is because the owner is a photographer and needs the open space with natural lighting as it is vital to the business. This is a dual purpose building that serves as a home and a business center for the owner.

Remember that you are free to paint it in whatever color you want. Besides, you have to appreciate the desire of architects to make the construction look as if it defies the laws of physics.

Yes, indeed, when you consider that it’s a sitio built construction project, with all the site planning and professional design and build work, it can easily cost in the range of $175

The shutter system extends to create a suspended terrace that can be accessed from inside the house. And the big shutter door increases privacy and provides a great sun awning for a dining area in front of the house.

This aqua-colored structure found on Freshome sits in Arizona Kansas City and is a home to an industrial designer Debbie Glassberg. The house has a complex structure and certainly stands out among other modern shipping container homes.

This is also a grand design project created from shipping containers. This single family house, designed by Jason Welty, isa perfect example of industrial elegancy. Although the metal frame was not covered but only painted white, the overall feel is of refinement.

Thanks for the comments. You’re right – it’s something that we do need to cover – I’ll get onto it. Keep checking back in the next few weeks for more.

Depending on the budget allotted to aesthetically incorporate, mitigate, or conceal the container structure, a modern, minimalist home design can fit into many urban neighborhoods; perhaps less so in areas with strong HOAs.

This is one of our free small house floor plans. It is a 5ft by 8ft floor plan and also has possible features on its pages

The house’s red color makes it stand out in a field but its pitched roof gives it a more familiar traditional touch.

Update: The Talma is pelo longer specifically listed on the Meka website, though it may still be a custom option. Contact information is available on the Meka website.

The project’s structure is not one of equally compartmented have a peek here spaces, so some businesses benefit from larger space than others.

The house has a small patio in front and a partial roof above it to shield the rain from splashing directly into the door. The interior features wood paneling on the walls, which provides a feeling of warmth and comfort.

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